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Cavity Free Club
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To our proud parents

Our team at Mount Albert Dental Centre is committed to your child’s oral health and we want to make each visits as informative and fun as possible. Our Cavity-Free Club was developed to help encourage and motivate parents and kids to take better care of their teeth.

To our kids

If you have a cavity-free check up, you can become a member of our Cavity-Free Club! Your proud bright smile will be posted on our website for all your family and friends to see!! Of course, if you have a sugar bug or two, don’t fret – once all your cavities have been addressed, you too can become a member of our club!

It is important to attend regular check-ups every 6 months to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular appointments allow for a cleaning, polish and fluoride application, as well as provide an opportunity to review your brushing and flossing technique. It also allows us to monitor your dental development by checking for cavities, how the teeth are developing and if there is a need for braces.

Cavity-Free Kids, keep up the good work and keep flashing those beautiful smiles!!!!!